How is it made?

Our products are made by additive manufacturing better known as 3D-printing. The products are made layer by layer using an FDM printer.

Our vision

BAC 3D is an innovative project, which started originally as a huge passion for making custom parts for next level supermoto builds. As a mechanical engineering student with a large passion for supermotos, I have always been wanting to improve our bikes to the better.

The beginning

Originally the whole idea of designing and creating custom supermoto parts started with our own bikes. We wanted specific custom made axle sliders to fit our bikes, which we couldn’t find. As perfectionist struggling to find the perfect product, we ended up going for the manufacturing process ourselves. We bought our first 3D printer and from there things took off. We made the first custom parts for our bikes, some axle sliders and a plateholder. Quickly external interest in the community came, since nobody made these custom tailored parts, and the project was started.
Since then more printers have been acquired to give the capability of producing various different materials to ensure proper characteristics for the purpose of our products.

The printers

For our printing production we aim for the highest quality possible. For the printers we use industry’s leading hardware. This ensures our customers have the same high quality and good fit for every order made.